Coconut Honey Lotion
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Coconut Honey Lotion

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Reminiscent of a hot summers day on the beach, this enticing scent will keep you dreaming of tropical vacations all year around!

Made with Naked Bee's classic formula this lotion contains "all the good stuff, none of the bad stuff" in this case Certified Organic aloe vera and sunflower oil, as well as honey, spirulina and hyaluronic acid.

Our smallest 2.25oz size is perfect for throwing in your carry-on, car or purse for any on-the-go dry skin needs.

Our larger 6.7oz size makes an ideal choice for a bathroom cabinet or shower caddy, while the handy squeeze top ensures you'll be able to use every last drop!

Our largest 8oz size comes in a solid tinted plastic bottle with a convenient pump top perfect for any bathroom counter. Made in the USA.

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